Archinspect Architecture is a small responsive architectural practice based in Oatlands near Parramatta, (the geographical heart of the Sydney metropolitan area), providing a full range of architectural services to our clients.

Unlike many other practices, we do not profess our own style of architecture, rather taking each commission on its own merits & arriving at a solution that fully addresses our client’s brief, budget & dreams, whilst taking into account location, site constraints, orientation, planning controls & any other restrictions the project may present to us.

We believe that good architecture costs no more than poorly conceived outcomes & should be available to all.

We understand that being “green” is not just a passing fad, rather providing sustainable solutions which is becoming the norm, & not just in the terms of the commonly understood areas of energy generation & water, but in the way we use wind & the sun in combination with sustainable materials to create a pleasant environment in which to live comfortably.

We “invade” our client’s space in such a way that we become a part of their lives for the period of the project & sometimes beyond in an attempt to understand their thinking, which makes our job easier in providing a suitable solution.

Our architecture covers new residences, alterations & additions to existing dwellings, duplexes, granny flats, adaptable housing, mixed use developments & small institutional projects.

“Good architecture is the use of light & space to provide comfortable surroundings for our client’s enjoyment”.